Simple but Relaxing
Rooms at Guesthouse Andarmo

A place where you can relax and feel at ease, where people who meet each other can naturally have a conversation with each other, surrounded by simple but welcoming trees. The rooms at Guesthouse Andarmo were created by renovating a wooden house. It's not as high quality as a hotel but designed to make you feel at home with a casual atmosphere and a quality duvet bedding. A simple style of accommodation for those traveling through the Tohoku region.

Dormitory (8-person room)

3,000 yen per person per night (excluding tax) / 1 bed use

An 8-person dormitory with 4 bunk beds. The built-in wooden bed space at 2m x 1m it is large enough for your privacy. The room is full of warmth built with local wood, such as cedar. *Women-only rooms also available

Free Wi-Fi, security box (in bed), bedside power plug, shampoo, rinse, body soap, hairdryer, room to store suitcase

Japanese-style room (single room)

6,000 yen per person, per night (excluding tax)
8,000 yen per night for two people (excluding tax)
10,500 yen per night for three people (excluding tax)

The room is 6.5 tatami mats in size and can accommodate up to 3 sets of futons. The modern Ryukyu tatami mats in the neat and tidy Japanese-style room are popular among people from abroad - the soft light coming in through the shoji screens is also a welcoming touch. Available for private use, perfect for a group of family and friends.

Free Wi-Fi, security box (in bed), shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, closet storage

Amenities are also available to rent or purchase in the guesthouse.

Bath towel rental: 200 yen (tax not included)
Face towel rental: 100 yen (tax not included)
Toothbrush set: 100 yen (tax not included)

Guesthouse Andarmo

Aza-shinmachi-ura 134-1, Wakuya-cho, Toda-gun, Miyagi Prefecture

By car:
From Tokyo, take the Tohoku Expressway towards Sendai. From Sendai-Minami IC via Sanriku Expressway, approx. 30 minutes from Kitamatsushima IC, take Route 346 in the direction of Wakuya-cho for approx. 30 minutes.

By public transit
Approx. 60 minutes from JR Sendai Station on the JR Sengoku Line or Ishinomaki Line via JR Oguta Station on the Tohoku Honsen Line. Approx. 1 minute on foot from JR Wakuya Station. Approx. 90 minutes from JR Tokyo Station to JR Sendai Station by JR Tokyo Station Tohoku Shinkansen.

Phone: 0229-25-3750
Reception Hours: 10am - 5pm
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your accommodation or if you would like to use the hotel for training or as a group. Please note that the parking lot and parking for bikes/bicycles may be crowded depending on the season. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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